Infant and Child Tongue Tied Procedures


 Dr. Nancy Kim performs infant and pediatric tongue tied procedures using Laser Biolase Technology that allows for no bleeding and minimal pain after the procedure. 

An evaluation of tongue tie is done at the initial appointment in our beautiful Continental Lounge where parents are able to relax on comfortable couches. An evaluation of the infant is done after an extensive verbal consultation is done with Dr Kim. The parents are encouraged to bring the infant in the infant car seat for the evaluation. 

Continental Lounge


Typically signs that an infant requires a procedure to section the tongue tie includes:

  • Trouble breast feeding
  • Failure to thrive or gain weight 
  • Sore or painful nipples on mother
  • Mastitis in nursing mother

There are 4 classifications of a tongue tie that can cause an infant to be restricted in breastfeeding. This can range from an Anterior Class I tongue tie to a Posterior Class IV tongue tie. During successful breastfeeding, there needs to be unrestricted movement of the tongue from the tip of the tongue to the middle base of the tongue to allow for the proper "sucking" force to get the mothers breast milk.  Many times, an upper lip restriction is also found to have a high upper lip frenum pull as well. This will all be evaluated by Dr. Kim. 

Following the procedure, the infant and mother are encouraged to immediately breast feed or feed to soothe the baby. 

Post operative instructions and post operative exercises are reviewed with the parents. The family are welcome to stay as long as it takes to feel comfortable.

Dr. Kim is a mother of 2 young children and can fully related and understand the anxieties of parents. She will make mothers and fathers at ease with her communication and availability. 

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